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To make your experience the best it can be, Canada Ponto offers three different accommodation options that are chosen based on your profile. You can choose between:


A great choice for those who want to stay in a more private location. We will help you choose the best Hotel by checking availability for you, as well as ensuring that the location is the best for the program you will be doing.


Homestay is an excellent choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Canada Ponto selects the home that best suits the profile of each exchange student.

Student Residence

Student Residency is also a great option for those who want to live near or at the school where they will study. We evaluate each case with care and help you to find the residence that best suits your needs.

Canadian visa assistance

Getting a Visa is usually a major concern when it comes to leaving the country, especially during an exchange or trip. In order to facilitate this process, through profile analysis work, we offer full orientation for consular visas for Canada. Within the agency itself, there is a specialized sector that has a team trained specifically for this service.

We also offer immigration consulting, which is done by a consultant certified by the ICCRC (immigration consultants of Canada regulatory council). As each case is evaluated individually, a customized document list is generated. With this, you can have more flexibility, tranquility, and security at the time of applying for your visa.

Touring and Tips

It can be quite challenging planning a trip to a country that has a different culture, climate and an immense amount of leisure activities for tourists, without any help. Canada Ponto is aware of this and is always thinking of the well-being of our exchange students and travelers. We offer personalized itineraries, with tips for restaurants, sightseeing, clothing shops suitable for the weather and even local etiquette tips (to prevent embarrassing situations).

In some cities, such as Ottawa, for example, a company representative can  assist and guide with tours and activities more closely. With our help, you will be able to enjoy the program to the fullest, getting to know Canadian culture, beautiful natural landscapes and polish your English or French. Make your plans and dreams come true. Contact us!

Airport Pickup

Are you concerned of your arrival in Canada? Doubtful on how will you get to your accommodation and/or school? Don’t worry; we will take you from the airport to the place where you will be staying. We will assist you with information about buses and tickets (when necessary), as well as offer a mini-tour around the city so that you can get to know it better.

Health Insurance

Canada has a great concern with the quality of health services it offers. However, for foreigners, it is not free. Therefore, it is best to get medical insurance for emergencies.

Canada Ponto has partnered with Ingle international, a trustworthy company that offers various types of insurance coverage 24 hours a day anywhere in Canada. It is important to ensure your peace of mind. After all, you never know when unforeseen events can occur.

Pay to Study

Pay to study is an online payment process that, besides being easy to use, is safe and economical. Canada Ponto works with this system in partnership with Itau SA and RBC bank of Canada.

The great advantage of this process is that all payments made in Brazil by Paytostudy are considered local instead of International, in other words, you will make the payment in Real, which considerably reduces the value of the rate applied in each transaction.

In addition, through Paytostudy we pass on to the institution the value of the course, which is much a more efficient process.

Prepaid Visa Card

As the conversion rate is constantly changing, it is not uncommon for traders and tourists to be shocked to find a more expensive bill after the trip.

To avoid this, you can choose to use the prepaid visa card. Before traveling, you deposit the amount you will spend, then use it as you need it in places that accept visa. The conversion rate paid is according to the day of deposit, meaning no surprises when you return to Brazil!